The most interesting thing here will probably be the page views, right? Well, and besides here is a small table of latest updates:

29. January 2006 Revised most of the texts a little and updated them a bit
13. September 2005 The guestbook has moved and is now running on my own webhost
1. October 2004 Migration to PHP is mostly completed. On the way I have corrected lots of typos
21. January 2004 Fixed the links (which were not moving along)
28. Oktober 2003 Moving to a new webserver,
11. July 2003 On the linked subpages lots has changed during the last year, today some new part appeared, the travelling part
Besides I have adapted my script-collection such that the several languages come out more clearly...
21. July 2002 Added some photos of me, but mostly I'm used up by the preparations of my third trip to Iceland.
19. May 2002 Some little changes in my scripts for the link-collection will (hopefully someday) simplify the work even more
18. May 2002 The whole site is now mirrored on, on there are more and more problems
This history-table is also started right today
5. May 2002 Changes for a new guestbook
April 2002 Finally there is not only Iceland on my homepage, though the rest is still not much...

And here a list of my providers, "sponsors" and all the other free stuff I used on this page:

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